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As energy prices continue to rise, it is important for business owners and homeowners to increase their energy efficiency and make their establishments more comfortable and less costly to heat or cool.


Energy efficiency is achieved by sealing off your building from the outside elements. Finco Steel will seal off the openings where heat can creep in and where your cool air escapes out. With a spray foam sealed roof, you reduce your attic temperature by fifty degrees in the summertime, therefore reducing energy use as well as the wear and tear of your HVAC system.

With your attic sealed off, you will no longer have pollen and dust entering your home through old fashioned ventilation systems that may be installed in your roof.


We use Spray Foam Insulation Technology when providing our spray foam services to reach a higher level of energy efficiency that will save you enough money throughout the year to pay for the cost of the insulation.


It is important to use the right kind of insulation for the job and to make sure it is installed properly. We offer preparation services such as removal of old insulation and modifications to existing insulation to allow for spray foam or other insulation to be installed properly.

Save on Energy and Heat with Finco Steel Foam Insulation


Commercial Spray Foam Installation


Commercial Spray Foam Insulation will improve your business and your bottom line. From small commercial jobs to the largest industrial projects, spray foam offers practical alternatives for building design and construction.


Spray Foam Insulation can be used to enhance thousands of construction projects and is the best choice considering other available insulation methods.

  • Metal Buildings
  • Barns
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storerooms
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Showrooms
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Shops
  • Stadiums
  • Containers
  • Pipes
  • Tanks


Finco Steel offers cost-effective, fast and reliable insulation for virtually any building. Foam insulation applied to the interior of a commercial or industrial building will provide outstanding thermal insulation values, higher acoustic insulation values, lower energy costs and an improved working environment.


Spray foam insulation can also eliminate condensation with spray foam depth as little as one inch.  Some of the best insulation values per depth available on the market and allows commercial and industrial buildings to be brought up to modern standards more easily than with other forms of insulation. Spray foam insulation also provides a more airtight building and allows much more efficient heating or cooling systems to be used.

Many metal roofs are poorly insulated, which results in condensation problems. At Finco Steel we fix these problems with one simple application. Spray foam insulation is the ideal solution to insulate new or old metal roofs and can be applied quickly and easily.


Once the foam is applied it will immediately begin to ‘cure’ into a rigid foam insulation, forming a continuous layer in the most intricate of spaces. Large or complex roofs can be insulated in a fraction of the time with this technology, as the spray foam bonds directly to the underside surface of the roof.


This level of insulation and prevention of condensation is impossible to attain with traditional insulation.

Agricultural Insulation


Spray foam Insulation is the perfect insulation for practically any agricultural building. Foam is likely to be the easiest, fastest, most efficient way to insulate your crop storage, feed storage, livestock housing, workshop or just about any other agricultural use building. Because the foam is spray applied, it will seek and seal any gaps in the structure to form a continuous layer. This makes foam insulation far more efficient than other methods of insulation, saving you money on heating and cooling.


When applied directly to the underside of the roof of your agricultural building, spray foam insulation will also eliminate thermal bridges and prevent condensation completely. By forming one continuous structure, it not only holds heat & cooling in better, it also helps to spread any load or stress placed on the roof. This makes breakage from impact damage far less likely and helps to increase the longevity of your roof.

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You can achieve thousands of dollars in energy savings, improve your comfort level and contribute to a greener environment by using spray foam insulation in your home. If you’re a current homeowner, no one has to tell you how costly it can be to keep your home comfortable. Let’s be honest, the costs will keep rising. Spray Foam Insulation will curb those costs forever.


When a home has been insulated with spray foam insulation, all surfaces are completely covered and protected. This prevents air leakage that conventional insulation allows, since cold air will travel around the edges of conventional insulation. Additionally, 2’ of closed cell 2lb insulation is an approved vapour barrier, not only blocking moisture, but also pollutants, dust, odors and allergens, creating a healthy interior environment for your family. Energy Savings and Environmentally Friendly!


According to the Canadian Department of Energy, heating and cooling the typical home consumes 50-70 percent of overall energy usage. By far, the largest reason for increased heating and cooling costs is unnecessary air leakage and poor thermal efficiency of traditional insulation products. Existing homes can be upgraded to increase energy efficiency and comfort significantly.


Is your home built well? Ask yourself these questions.

  • During hot or cold days (above 35 °C or below -3 °C ) does your heating/cooling system run almost continuously and have difficulty keeping the home at a comfortable temperature?
  • Can you see the tops of your ceiling joists inside the attic?
  • Do you have white or pink builder’s grade fiberglass in your attic?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you probably need Spray Foam Insulation!

By installing in your attic insulation and crawl space insulation, we can create an air-seal which reduces the heating and cooling energy costs for your home significantly. Your attic temperatures will be reduced from 140+ degrees to 70-80 degrees year round. This will keep your home considerably more comfortable, quieter and maintain healthier indoor air quality.


Since spray foam expands into the smallest cracks and holes, it has been proven to reduce the entry of unwanted pests and insects. Spray foam is a polyurethane product and does not act as a nesting ground or source of food for pests.


Spray Foam Insulation provides:

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Increased resale value
  • Improved comfort and indoor air quality
  • An essential element of an ENERGY STAR® Home
  • Outstanding air sealing and thermal performance, filling all voids


Spray foam also creates structural strength.  The application of spray foam actually strengthens a building’s structure. The expanding foam fills the gaps between each wall, floor or roof cavity. The studs, joists and sheathing are bonded together creating optimum structural strength. After curing, spray foam is durable and will not shrink, settle or disintegrate over time.


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